Welcome to Love In The City Shop
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About us

Welcome to Love In The City Shop!

We offer a range of drinkware, Candy & Cookie Jars

that can all be customized to your needs!

Here's how it all began....

Once I got engaged the wedding planning started. I created everything for my wedding start to finish. Little did I know that my wedding decor/gift idea would turn into a full time business. I can't say enough that I LOVE what I do. 

As for the name Love in the City Shop. Well I am a Chicago girl born and raised. I noticed that every time I would go to the heart of the city, no matter how many times before I had been there....there was always something new to discover. A restaurant, a small shop, an event. I thought to myself one day there is ALWAYS something to LOVE in the city! That always stuck with me, and with that came Love in the City Shop!


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